eBook - Feels Like Sin | Dark Secrets Unveiled Series Book #1

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They used to call Reiko Collins high class white trash, so she never dreamed she’d escape the stigma of her tumultuous past. But she has and now she’s the go-to madam for politicians, ceos and high net worth individuals. At her fingertips she has a stable of high society call girls eager to make a man’s desires a reality — for a fee, of course. And there's nothing that's off limits. It's a rule, you must be interested in:
Fulfilling Fantasies - No matter if they are BDSM, Interracial, Quickies, voyeurism, BWWM, threesomes. Reiko's stable of women (and men) specialized in it all. 

Find out what happens in this super steamy novel- filled with erotica for adults - when a power hungry madam has the discipline to start making waves with her sex workers in a small-town. Feels like Sin is a great filthy that tastes like heaven, feels like sin and will keep you flipping until the end..

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