About dakari Moon

dakari Moon is a multi-disciplinary creative brand focused on black women. We center the narratives and the beauty of black womanhood in all of its complexities. The name dakari means rejoice, therefore we are committed to creating a safe space that celebrates the intricacies of being a black woman.

In a world where many of us feel unseen, there is a power in seeing oneself repeatedly, over and over again. 

Hey Sis,

I'm jaha Knight and I would love to share with you how dakari Moon came to be.

In my twenties, I founded an african american newspaper. By thirty, I had a magazine. In between, I was a poet, a speaker, an event host, a radio personality, a blogger, photographer, a podcaster, a branding amazon and somebody's dream chasin' mama. 

There has been no idea, no goal I've set that I have not conquered or chased and I've loved every minute of it. 

In 2018, I closed my branding business; I was done teaching black women how to build business brands, done helping to establish the marketing for non-techy dreamers. Because going as hard as I did for others literally made me sick - my business, my baby had taken a toll on my health and I had to re-evaluate everything. I still loved creating but it could no longer be the way I'd chosen. So I shut it down and took a hiatus from dream chasing for 3 long years.

I was so lost but everything around me kept moving on. My kid grew up and graduated, friends got married and divorced. Yet here I was  stumped about my next move. I had shared everything with the world - my thoughts on radio, podcast and in books, my poetry, all the things I'd learned in business and my designs. The one thing I had never shared was my art.

So I came home one day and told my husband - "the job I have wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to physically go to work." The next week, the pandemic happened. 

It was as if that was my green light to explore this new space that I had carved out for myself. Since then, I've been able to test ideas, play with new substrates and media.

Art has become the vehicle that led me back to myself and I want to share all of it with you through dakari Moon.

Rejoice with me.