About dakari Moon

dakari Moon is a multi-disciplinary creative brand focused on black women. We center the narratives and the beauty of black womanhood in all of its complexities. The name dakari means rejoice, therefore we are committed to creating a safe space that celebrates the intricacies of being a black woman.

In a world where many of us feel unseen, there is a power in seeing oneself repeatedly, over and over again. 

As a visionary black-owned brand, we are passionately dedicated to nurturing black women with soul-care and self-care. We understand the unique challenges faced by black women – the weight of responsibility, the echoes of parentification, and the stifling grip of anxiety.

At dakari Moon, we are on a mission to reintroduce the joy of play, the carefree spirit, and the inner child to the modern black woman's life.

Our curated collection of soul-care products are thoughtfully designed to rekindle the sense of wonder and playfulness that may have been overshadowed by life's demands. Delve into our enchanting Black Girl Coloring Books, intricately crafted to celebrate your beauty and culture through every line.

Engage your mind and heart with Black Girl Trivia, a celebration of our history and achievements. Let the power of positive words uplift you through Black Girl Affirmations, and rediscover the art of leisure with Black Girl Board Games that resonate with your experiences.

Experience the warmth of sisterhood as you engage in lively gatherings with Black Girl Play kits, fostering connections and joy.

Our collection extends to stationery, books, and art, all tailored to inspire your creativity and ignite your passions. dakari Moon isn't just a brand; it's a movement – an affirmation that self-care, play, and camaraderie are essential components of a balanced and fulfilling life.

Join us in embracing the profound strength that comes from embracing your inner child, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of black womanhood with dakari Moon.