Men, Love & Power - Drama Queens Saga Book 1

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Men, Love & Power is an emotional, action-packed drama. It’s a story of deception, heartbreak, love, lust and betrayal. The drama and mayhem are just getting started in this family soap opera. 

Four african american female cousins from a small town must face their respective secrets, for revealing them will change their lives forever.

In Drama Queens Book 1, Selah looks like she has it all - the house, the job, the husband but —boom—her life explodes and suddenly she is battling the effects of a dark shame that makes her close out the ones she loves the most.

While the men in their family are burning things to the ground, Selah, Moria, Gennifer and Vashti are doing everything they can to hold it all together. But things are constantly thrown into turmoil when old wounds resurface. 

Moria’s whole life has been about playing it safe. Being the good girl, not coloring outside the lines. Now she is living the life she’s never allowed herself to dream of - especially since the tragic death of her parents.

In the midst of these dramas, Selah and Moria are forced to examine their lives, their image and their identities. Will the unexpected secrets implode their already broken world and take them down in flames or will they rise like a phoenix from the ashes to reclaim the power they have always desired?

The Drama Queens Series weaves a spellbinding tale of secrets and betrayal, ambition, courage, love and loss. This is a story that will keep you riveted to the pages of its drama-filled plot and the lives of the ladies who are chasing their own truths.

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