Color Pencils I Have Reviewed

Color Pencil Supplies

These are supplies I purchased with my own money. None of these reviews are sponsored. They are all my opinion. You can/will be able to watch the video tutorials once I post them and my full review will be in those videos. Slowly, my video swatching reviews will replace my printed reviews.

Did you know?

- Color Pencils are shaped either round, hexagonal or triangular. Color Pencils that are round and triangular are less taxing on the hand. Hexagonal will give you the same wear as a traditional pencil.

- Color pencils/Markers/Paint pens are made of either: water, alcohol or oil.  

- Color pencil barrels can be different shapes? Round, hexagonal, triangular. Round barrels cause less hand strain. 




Black Girl Artist 12

Round Barrel

These gorgeous rounded color pencils come in each Knight Sky Box as a gift to you. They are round barrelled and come with 12 color pencils.

Black Girl Artist 24

 Hexagonal Barrel

I absolutely love our BGA 24 color pencils. They are a delight to use. 

Black Girl Artist 48

Hexagonal Barrel

Crayola Around the World Skin Tone Color Pencils Hard to blend and lazy naming of the colors. If this was the way Crayola was going to go at these colors, they should have stayed off the trend of skin tones. 

Caran d'Ache Pablo Color Pencils


These color pencils are worth it. They are oil based and have helped with my color range. I don't love the blendability, not as easy as Prismacolor but it's worth buying.

Prismacolor Color Pencils

Round Barrel

Top tier! I absolutely love these color pencils. The blending artist in you would be happy to use these as they blend with themselves really well and set off a page nicely.

Amazon Basics Color Pencils


I do like using these color pencils. They come in handy as a back up to my primsacolor color pencils but the blending is difficult and the pencils are hard. I am not a fan of that.

Kalor Color Pencils Color Pencils

Round Barrel

Mechanical pencils. Nice box, comes with a mini sharpener. It's a pretty idea. Idk if it's a needed product. More like a want. I'd reinvest in more Prismacolors, tbh.

Arteza Watercolor Color pencils

Trianglular Barrel

These color pencils will allow you to add water to turn them into watercolor ink. Super dope to play with because of the wide variety of colors and the how rich the pigment is. Arteza does have gorgeous colors.
Color Pencil Bag You want to make art on the go with your markers/color pencils? This is the case to grab. I absolutely love the dividers in here as I can separate the colors I need for different projects while on the go. It is a fun bag with lots of storage. 
Desktop Storage The stars say it all. I love this storage solution.