Crayons & Glitter Pens I Have Reviewed

Crayons & Glitter Pens

These are supplies I purchased with my own money. None of these reviews are sponsored. They are all my opinion. You can/will be able to watch the video tutorials once I post them and my full review will be in those videos. Slowly, my video swatching reviews will replace my printed reviews.

Did you know?

- Crayons are tiered. There are some that are better than others. Some crayons are water soluable and some are dissolvable using other mediums to create the effect you want to see. 

- Gel pens can come as regular pens, can operate like paint pens and have different effects based on the goal of the pen. Some are glow in the dark, some sparkle, some create a metallic effect and some are better than others for creating white lines/highlights on images.





Cra-Z Art These are the worst crayons. I don't know what they are made out of but it is def not made with joy. I used to give these out with my coloring books as a "bonus" until I used them and realized what a big mistake that was. This is the brand that made me start the Black Girl Artist color pencils by dakari Moon.
Crayola Crayons We grew up on crayola crayons. I think they are a good first time medium and they don't market themselves in price or quality as a professional grade medium. For what they are, this is the appropriate rating.

Prismacolor Premier NuPastel

Hard Pastels

I have only swatched these. I haven't used them for a project yet. 
Crayola Twistables Smoother than crayons and with the ability to reveal more and more of the medium. I do like these a lot more than crayons as they give a smoother finish. You can sharpen these with a regular pencil sharpener.

Ohuhu Glitter Markers

Glitter / Water based

These are gorgeous saturated glitters in paint pen format. Unfortunately they are made by Ohuhu. 

Artist Loft Oil Pastels


Had a great time with the projects I've used this medium for. They are truly soft so it adds great texture to a piece or is smoothed by using this medium. 
King Art Mixed Media Gel Sticks I have only swatched these. I haven't used them for a project yet. 

Super Golden Glitter Markers


These colors are really beautiful when it comes to the colors but the orange in this pack goes "bad" very quickly. The color separates from the "golden glitter". 

Grabie Glitter Gel Pens

Glitter Gel

Very pigmented, pretty glitters. A little more glittery than Soucolor but doesn't have the range of colors of Soucolor.

Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens

Glitter Gel

I love these pens and have rarely had a moment of "oh my goodness, it's not coming out" moment except for the highlighter green color. The range of colors and the fact that you get refills with the set make up for that, though. There are so many colors you can use it is sooo well worth the value. This increased my glitter range tremendously. If I had to recomment two necessary glitters, this would be one and the gelly roll would be the second. The ohuhu is really nice but are deployed/activated like a paint pen.

Gelly Roll 

Glitter/Metallic/Glow in the Dark gel pens

I love these gelly rolls. The only reason it is missing one star is because depending on the pen, sometimes it's difficult to get the ink to flow. It always comes out but that is sometimes a challenge with certain types / colors. 9/10 it works smoothly but that 1/10 is the challenger.

Uniball Signo White Gel Pen

Gel Pen

This is similar to the gelly roll review but these white pens are more reliable than the white gelly roll pen. 

Sharpie Creative Markers

Acrylic / Water 

Honorable mention here because the white Sharpie Creative Marker is great for highlights and doesn't have the issues you'd find with a gel pen.
Desktop Crayon / Gel Pen Storage The stars say it all. I love this storage solution.