Markers I Have Reviewed

Marker Supplies

These are supplies I purchased with my own money. None of these reviews are sponsored. They are all my opinion. You can/will be able to watch the video tutorials once I post them and my full review will be in those videos. Slowly, my video swatching reviews will replace my printed reviews.

Did you know?

- You can use the "0" Blender tool to turn some color pencil into marker? 

- Markers are made of either: water, alcohol or acrylic

- Water based markers leave streaks for large sections and do not blend with alcohol markers. They are best for details and small areas.

- Alcohol markers are the big daddy's. They are great for large areas but you have to actively blend as you go with them (if you're blending).

- Your strokes matter when you're using alcohol markers. Color on top of the area you just colored in circular motions or side by side in overlapping strokes Do not allow an area 'dry' if you're not done because then it will streak. 





Prismacolor Color Pencils


You can use the alcohol blender "0" to turn color pencils into a marker. Try it.

Ohuhu Skin Tone & Honolulu Markers



Ohuhu is overhyped in my opinion. It's products dry out pretty fast and to me it's not worth the money sink. I do like the colors that you're able to use and it has a great amount of colors. These markers don't blend well with other brands, so if you only want to use this brand, great. However if you like to mix it up as I do, consider which colors you'll want to try mixing with this brand. 

Sanjoki Markers


Absolutely love these markers. Enjoy the color range and the bag it comes in. It is almost worth getting new markers to get this gorgeous bag.

Hethrone Markers


There are a LOT of pretty colors in this set. They are water based markers, though.



3 Stars because of noxious alcohol smell but I do love the juicyness of this marker brand. These markers make you want to color and the variety of the colors are fun. Great cost for the amount of markers you get.

Arteza Watercolor Brush Pens


Colors are gorgeous but Arteza doesn't do brushes well. 

Arteza Watercolor Color pencils


These color pencils will allow you to add water to turn them into watercolor ink. Super dope to play with because of the wide variety of colors and the how rich the pigment is. Arteza does have gorgeous colors.

Arteza Markers

Arteza Skin Tones 


My first taste of alcohol markers. I did not know what I was getting into but these are blendable markers. They mix well with other marker brands and they have very vibrant colors. One star off because I am not a chisel/nib girl and they make brush tips but to be honest, the brush tips are awful. Colors are great, brush is like coloring with a sponge. 

Outline Markers


Sfaih Markers


Better known as the Ohuhu dupes. These markers look and act the same as Ohuhu, same product names and numbers and for a fraction of the price. Really dope but does have a smell. I like using them. Click the link to check it out.  Great cost for the amount of markers you get.

Prismacolor Premier Double Tipped Markers


COPIC Ciao Markers Skin Tone


Copic is supposed to be the grand puba of all the markers. They stand head and shoulders above in price. I just don't get it. But if you like 6 colors for $3.50 per marker, go for it.

Sharpie Creative Markers

Acrylic / Water 

Not gonna lie, I despised these markers at first. They are no bleed markers but they are extremely dry. It just didn't make sense to use them, to me. However over time I realized they cover black lines really well and add a pop of color and detail to pages that you want to have a thicker line w/o the challenge of gel pen or acrylic paint. It has its place and I have since revised my initial opinion.
Embossing Powder
Embossing Ink Pad & Pen
Heat Gun
Marker Bag You want to make art on the go with your markers/color pencils? This is the case to grab. I absolutely love the dividers in here as I can separate the colors I need for different projects while on the go. It is a fun bag with lots of storage. 
Desktop Marker Storage The stars say it all. I love this storage solution so much I got 2.