Black Girl Butterfly Coloring Book Set

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You are resilient.
You are ready for new beginnings.

This coloring book is for black women by a black woman and is specifically designed to make you feel good.

The Black Girl Butterfly Coloring Book is a beautiful and therapeutic way to spend some time coloring. It will open your eyes to the beauty of black women as you color whimsical detailed drawings of us as butterflies. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and The Black Girl Butterfly Coloring Book is a celebration of us in various stages in life. Every page features a different image for hours of fun, all while reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus and increasing positivity. This coloring book is made especially for you.


  • 94 Pages
  • 8.5"x 11"
  • Glossy Cover
  • Color Plans
  • Quotes & Affirmations


  • 6"x9" Task Pad
  • Butterfly Themed
  • 25 Sheets

(Color pencils and crayons not included)

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      Sis, You Deserve

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      - jaha Knight