Black Girl WoMandala Set

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Within you resides the sacred geometry of a mandala and your journey is a reflection of divine symmetry and interconnectedness. 

In the intricate patterns of life, you are so much like the sacred mandala, a symbol of wholeness, balance and purpose. Just as the mandala radiates from its center, your essence emanates from the core of your being illuminating the world around you. 

Your purpose, like the mandala's intricate design, weaves together the threads of your experiences, values and aspirations creating a masterpiece of significance and meaning. 

Each curve and line of your journey forms a part of the greater whole, guiding yolu towards fulfillment and harmony. Embrace the symmetry of your existence, sis for you are a living embodiment of the divine design that shapes the universe. 

To Be Mailed: May 20, 2024

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Sis, You Deserve

  • To see yourself represented in the world
  • To surround yourself with art that encourages your belief in self
  • The gift of something beautiful.

- jaha Knight