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Gratitude & Grace Journal: A Good Start to Your Day

Gratitude & Grace Journal: A Good Start to Your Day

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Gratitude & Grace, A Good Start to Your Day is a gratitude journal that will help you foster an attitude of gratitude, positivity and happiness as a way of life. You can use any of the tools within this journal to start each day with gratitude. Starting this habit of gratitude and grace will bring to the forefront a return to kindness and finding joy in the simplest of things in the everyday. Record and celebrate important memories using deep reflection and experience the fantastic effects of thankfulness.

Inside the Gratitude & Grace Journal for Women you will find: 

  • 5 minute gratitude and grace reflections for women
  • 52 weeks of mindfulness and creativity
  • Weekly drawing and coloring journal
  • Weekly guided gratitude and grace journal prompts
  • Beautiful quote pages and a simple layout
  • Wonderfully sized at 5.5 in x 8.5 in