Twisted Linens & Tiny Screams

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Twisted Linens & Tiny Screams is for "you, the most beautiful stanza in the shortest poem..."

In this reflective tome of poetry jaha walks readers through an emotionally honest journey of the past, the present and the future so you can see yourself on the pages of the book. There are poems about life, poems about saying goodbye, poems about black girl bliss, poetry for inspiration and poetry about being a grown a*s woman.

This collection of poems for black girls are written with a storyteller's voice and are full of rhythms of inspiration.

It is a journey of the most tangible moments of a womanhood as only jaha Knight has discovered it.

I am a poem.
I am thunder, lightening, rain and sun.
I am wild kisses and peekaboo dresses
Laughter and untamed tresses.
I am a poem of a woman.

With contradictions and contracted similes,
metaphors and inappropriate punctuation...and story
D*mn, do I have a story.
I am a generation of defaulted
Oh h*ll nahs! When there should have been a few more h*ll yeses!

I am a mother to a baby
who was a baby
having a baby
when she had her baby

I am a negro spiritual
wrapped in an
emancipation proclamation.

I am a distant moon
trapped in a sunny day

I am a thrill ride
Of deep stomach clenching dips
and incredible death defying highs

I am the tart of lemon
And the soothing of lime

I am a poem of a woman... ©2018

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Sis, You Deserve

  • To see yourself represented in the world
  • To surround yourself with art that encourages your belief in self
  • The gift of something beautiful.

- jaha Knight